“kick on the starter give it all you got”

Stadium music is usually terrible, but every team has one song they always play at kick off to get the fans ready. Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones is the choice of my hometown Kansas City Chiefs and it will suffice for this blog. I’ll do my best to live up to Mick Jagger’s promise to “never, never, never stop,” nor “make a grown man cry.” Now that you’re pumped-up and the ball is in the air, you might wondering what to expect from the “game” ahead.

I’m a doctoral student at Purdue University with eclectic interests. While I specialize in modern American history with a research focus on sports history, I dabble in a variety of fields. I’ve researched and studied Native American athletes, public history, race and ethnicity, politics, and popular culture. I’m interested in issues of power and structure, representation and mediation, as well as competing notions of place and space. My latest curiosity is familiarizing myself with new methodologies and trends in the digital humanities.  You can expect to see hints of these interest in my posts.

I’m also a sports fan and everyday guy. As a Kansas City native, I am loyal to the Chiefs and Royals. I’m a (very) active member of the Kansas City Royals twitter community (where I often fail at being witty). College sports are a big part of my research and as I fan I try to maintain my critical eye. I grew up cheering for Kansas and Kansas State in the Big XII, but hold degrees from the University of Nevada and Baker University. I’m also former runner and coach.

This blog will be a bit of a catch-all, but I’ll try to keep my posts related to sports, history, and higher education. I hope to post book reviews, reflections on my research and writing, discussion about new articles and conferences, as well as general updates on life in graduate school. I’m defining these categories loosely, so post about music, current events, and politics may creep in. Welcome aboard and thanks for cheering me along.

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