Video: In Search of Learning at Purdue University

This video is for Day 2 of MOOC MOOC (which I talked about in yesterday’s post). It’s my first time really doing something like this. I don’t think I really answered the question “Where does Learning Happen” but I at least tried to throw out ideas and possibilities.

As you can tell, I filmed my video while walking around Purdue. I went to new places and inside new buildings that I hadn’t visited before. I took a lot of video and pictures, and  couldn’t fit it all into the 3 minute time limit. Purdue is a big place with a lot of things happening. Learning takes places in every corner of campus. And, I guess you could say that today I learned in all of those corners myself.

The filming and editing was all done using my point-and-shoot digital camera and iMovie, so its not the best quality. This was my first time doing a project like this, so I also learned on the computer and online. Feel free to leave your feedback and ideas in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Video: In Search of Learning at Purdue University

  1. Chuck Rybak

    This was really nice. I like how the “Does it happen here?” comes back in various forms–very cool (plus, you got a workout while doing this project by getting some good walking in). I’ve never been to Purdue’s campus, but was that an actual lunar capsule making an appearance, hanging from a ceiling?

    1. Andrew McGregor Post author

      Thanks for the feedback. It was good to get out and explore. Sorry the film is so shaky, I sped up the playback speed on several of the clips to try and smash it into our 3 minute limit (although I still went over).

      I honestly didn’t know until I Googled it just now, but the lunar capsule is a replica of the Apollo 1. It is inside our Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering. He’s a Purdue alum, along with about 30+ other astronauts.

  2. Chuck Rybak

    I’m glad you pointed out that you sped up the playback–I was thinking, wow, he must be jogging and narrating, not breathing heavy at all. Seriously, well done–just the idea of walking through a campus to do this assignment was solid.


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