New Book: The Native American Identity in Sports

Today I received a new book in my mail box. I was a bit surprised because I hadn’t ordered anything, but then I realized what it was. My courtesy copy of The Native American Identity in Sports: Creating and Preserving a Culture had arrived. It is an edited collection from Scarecrow press compiled by Frank A. Salamone. There are lots of exciting and well researched essay in the book (if you follow the link you can see the table of contents). I’m excited to sit down and thumb through it. But what excites me even more, is seeing it in print and holding it in my hands. This book is special to me because it contains two of my own essays (chapters 3 and 10). It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my work in physical print form.

My chapters are based on research I did for my MA thesis. One is about the use of boxing at the Stewart Indian School in Carson City, Nevada from 1935-1948. The other is a watered down version of the last half of my master’s thesis and discusses Billy Mills. I was happy to see Mills on the cover and as one of the featured figures of the book. In addition to my chapter, there is one more that focuses exclusively on him. I can’t wait to read it.

It can be hard to find outlets for publication as a graduate student. I’ve done my share of encyclopedia entries and tried my hand at publishing in a state historical society journal. Unfortunately that journal ran out of money and left me hanging. My chapter on boxing in this book evolved from that original manuscript. I found out about this book through a post on H-Net. I’d never heard of Frank prior to the book and was hesitant at first. It almost seemed too good to be true: a cal for papers related to the primary research topic of my MA studies. I checked around, made sure the press was legit, and contacted a couple of my friends hwo also do research in this field. One of them was also contributing a chapter and convinced me it would be a worthwhile and high quality project. I’m glad I did it.

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