Baker Buildings

Joseph Spurgeon contributed to the design and construction of nearly every building built on Baker University’s campus during his life (1864-1940). All my original project focused only on his residential buildings, his  contributions to the college also profoundly shaped Baldwin City.

Aerial view of Baker University and Baldwin City, circa 1950.

The following buildings are among the buildings that we know Spurgeon had a hand in creating. Unfortunately many of them burned down or have since been torn down. Of the pictures below, Case (Library) Hall is the only still standing.

The building on the left is the Rippey Gym. It was Baker’s first gymnasium, but it only lasted 6 years before it burnt down (1901-1907). Taylor Hall replaced Rippey as Baker’s next gymnasium. It was built in the same location and completed in 1908, but it too burned down (only partially) in 1943. Baker’s Mabee Memorial Hall (not pictured) was built out of the former foundation of Taylor. Memorial Hall served as Baker’s gym from its completion in the 1940s til a new gym was built in 1985. It is still standing.

Case Library was completed in 1907 as Baker’s first library. It also housed the President’s office. It was later replaced by the Collins Library and converted into classrooms. Case Hall, as it is now know, now houses classrooms making it one of the busiest buildings on campus housing.


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